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  • Quality

    A tight process and quality management is strictly important for us to achieve high standarts on our products and services. It is carefully applied to all production & operation steps during the purchase of the raw material, selection of the material, design, engineering, production of the profiles and delivery. Integrated quality assurance system allows us traceability and integrity for all our products.

    All the specifications created by the customer are important for us to supply with internal quality standarts, ISO and other industrial standarts.

    From raw material to design, production and dispatch, PROMOTECH applies for total quality management. All the specifications created by the customer are checked in our own  laboratory and reported as following:


    • Chemical composition report
    • Measurement report with CNC Projector
    • Hardness report
    • Surfece roughness report
    • Straightness report

    ISO 9001:2008 Quality Document