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  • Production Range

    Main steel types:

    42CrMo4, SAE8620, 18NiCrMo5, 14NiCr14, C45, 11SMn28, 100Cr6, X20CR13, X30CR13, AISI304



    As customer’s requirements upto 9 meters and can be cutted in customer’s lenghts. General lenght is between 3000-4000 mm.


    Cross section area:

    50mm-4000mm2 and maximum dimension is 75mm.



    2 mm/meter as standart. By considering reuqirement of the customer and the geometry of the profile, can be 0,50 mm/meter.


    General Roughness:

    Ra ≤3,2 (better roughness if required)


    General tolerances:

    +/- 0,10 mm (tighter tolerance if required)



    with oil & VCI papers to prevent corrosion in wooden cases (max 1000 kgs).


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